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Exquisite foals frolic in the pasture, representing over 37 years of passionate breeding.

Nestled along the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas lies a magical place. Lush coastal pastures dotted with oak trees shelter a group of very special horses at Kehilan Arabians.  These noble creatures grazing in knee high grass enrich the lives of the Rogers family.  Exquisite faced foals frolic in the pastures representing over thirty years of breeding passion and dedication.  


Drawing from a palette of bloodlines much as an artist would use colors - Kehilan has woven together the finest in Egyptian Arabian bloodlines with an emphasis on Sameh, *Morafic and Imperial Madheen to create a gorgeous, expressive Arabian full of the charisma and extreme type sought after in the breed.  A Vision is always unique to the Creator.  


One of the only breeding programs in the World to concentrate on linebreeding Sameh bloodlines, Kehilan has studiously selected the best traits of the Sameh horses; balance, symmetry, strength, intelligence, motion and charisma and combined it with bloodlines that have added beauty, grace, vitality, elegance and refinement.  The result is an Arabian of extreme type and classical proportions, that dances with tail held high and with luminous eyes reflecting the magic of the ages.

One of the only breeding programs worldwide to linebreed Sameh bloodlines.



We have linebred the Sameh sire line through his sons *Sultann and *Ibn Hafiza and their sons/grandsons Nabiel+/, Ibn Dahmahn and the ethereal, incomparable Makhsous.  The mare lines found at Kehilan are foundation stock primarily representing bloodlines of five of the great historical Straight Egyptian breeding programs in the United States - Ansata Arabian Stud, Bentwood Farms, Gleannloch Farms, Kline Arabians and Somerset Farms. The bloodlines utilized most in the foundation mares are that of *Morafic and his sons; The Egyptian Prince, *Ibn Moniet El Nefous, *Shahks and Shaikh Al Badi blended with mares sired by *Ansata Ibn Halima, Ansata Shah Zaman, Ruminaja Bahjat and *Talal.  Important female lines include Ansata Sabiha, Moniet El Nefous, *Magidaa, Bint Samiha,  Bint Rissala, Zareefa, Bint El Bataa and Bint Hanaa.  Imperial Madheen as well as the tail female line of Ansata Nile Mist, both representing Imperial Egyptian Stud were brought in specifically at a midway point to add their noted type and balance.


A Kehilan Arabian exudes extreme type and classical proportions, it dances with tail held high and is adorned with luminous eyes reflecting the magic of the ages.  


At Kehilan we strive to produce a horse that is easily identified as an Arabian and furthermore readily defined as a Straight Egyptian Arabian.  With the distinct type, classical proportions and historical character that has defined the breed for thousands of years.  Purity of blood, strength of pedigree and genetics are important factors in our decisions.  A family endeavor with an average of ten foals a year it has required dedication, passion and perseverance to achieve the vision we have of our ideal Arabian. 



Kehilan Arabians are now in over 21 countries!



Through the years this magical journey has led us to meet many soul mates who share our love and passion for this most wonderful of horses.  We have traveled the world and seen different cultures, climates and topography and met people from many different backgrounds and faiths, but always the friendship and shared excitement for the Arabian Horse has been the common thread that unites us.  A shared appreciation of beauty, grace and noble spirit along with the task of preserving and perpetuating such a historical creature brings breeders together from all walks of life.  We are particularly proud that our horses are "breeders horses" being used in the programs of our friends worldwide.  In fact, there are Kehilan horses now in residence in over 21 countries! 



After over thirty seven years of dedicated and passionate breeding we are producing our fifth and sixth generations. We feel the horses we are currently breeding well represent our vision. The following pages will contain detailed information on our bloodstock.  A “Virtual Farm” that we invite you to peruse.  However, there is no substitute for seeing these horses in person.  For it is in the flesh where the character, spirit, joi de vivre and intelligence shines through and touches your heart.  Please do come and visit us in Texas where we invite you to share our history as well as that of the Egyptian Arabian Horse, rejoice with us in the enthusiasm of a breeder, share your own vision and knowledge and hope you are captivated by our dream.  


Becky and Marky
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