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  Little Girls Dream of Horses!

Certain little girls dream of horses.  They walk miles to feed them carrots through a fence.  Erupt in giggles when they get their first pony ride.  Give up dances and boyfriends for riding lessons. Forgo a new frock for the high school dance in favor of new riding boots.  Ask for only one present at Christmas and Birthdays - “Please may I have my own horse?”


For one little girl that grew up in the thirties during the depression and then a great war - she was not able to own that horse of her dreams.  But she did get those riding boots and took riding lessons.  And later her oldest daughter rode imaginary steeds and jumped hay bales, but still the time was not right for a horse in the family.  Finally many years later the youngest daughter - a late comer to the family - brushed her Breyer horses, drew horses, cried for horses and cajoled her Daddy into riding lessons in addition to the required piano lessons.  And one incredible day - chose between a piano and a horse (was there ever ANY doubt?) Then the little girl who gave up a party dress for her riding boots - decades later but still holding on to that dream -  took her oldest daughter - now also a Mother  - and her youngest daughter - to finally buy that dream - a horse.  




A Party Dress for Riding Boots and a Piano for a Horse - was there any doubt? 


Over forty years later the great-grandaughter of that young lady with those riding boots rides and shows her own Arabian and is a multiple National Champion. She is shown on the slideshow at the tender age of two,  kissing a beautiful Straight Egyptian mare owned by her family farm - Kehilan Arabians - and on this page below with the Ladies of Kehilan astride their stallion Marquis I.  Her younger sister also exhibits her great-grandmother's love of horses - it is in the genes!



Kehilan Arabians is a family farm that spans several generations of women.  A passion for horses has translated into a world renowned Straight Egyptian Arabian breeding program.  For over 37 years Ida Jean Rogers and her daughters Nancy Rogers Blankenship and Becky Rogers operated a breeding program based on a vision they share of a childhood dream.  A breathtakingly beautiful, classic and noble horse of the purest blood with intelligence and a proud character the Bedouins would have prized.  A horse that is your friend, your inspiration and one that delights the senses.  

For over 30 years Ida Jean Rogers and her daughters Nancy Rogers Blankenship and Becky Rogers have operated a breeding program based on a vision they share of a childhood dream.


Through the years the farm has offered many services.  Becky and Nancy ran a successful showing/training operation for over 10 years and garnered many Regional, Scottsdale and National wins for the farm and their Amateur and Junior Riders.  Kehilan also served as a Stallion Station and offered Investor Services, with at times over 150 horses in residence.  We have been home to such notable Egyptian stallions as *Sultann and his grandson the legendary *Nabiel+/.  With the arrival of the ethereal *Sultann son - Makhsous in 1992 followed by a good friend Janice Bush in 1993 - the farm exclusively focused on their existing Straight Egyptian breeding program and began blending and linebreeding the rare Sameh bloodlines.  






Nancy serves as the financial whiz and the Office Manager.  Keeping finances on track and generally organizing the farm.  Nancy was an integral part of the training operation for years as the “Show Manager”.  Those management skills served her well for over 10 years as a Board Member and Vice President of The Pyramid Society, where she was the prestigious Egyptian Event Show Chairman for 6 years.  Under her management the extraordinarily popular Event increased in size, shifted the emphasis back to the Breeder, and ushered in a fresh new free style and more European way of showing the horses!  Now retired from the Board to spend more time with her children and grandchildren (with a daughter as a very active National Winning Arabian horsewoman and 3 granddaughters to nurture as the future horsewomen), Nancy still partners with Becky on all the breeding decisions and keeps everyone organized at the farm!  She is the liaison for clients on office matters. 


Nancy Rogers Blankenship
Becky Rogers


Becky is the overall Farm Manager as well as a highly skilled Breeding Manager. During the training operation Becky trained and showed to many Regional/Scottsdale and National Open Wins as well as coaching Amateur and Junior riders to the same.   She currently foals and breeds all of the mares and handles all outside breeding including Shipped Semen. With nearly 40 years of Broodmare/Foaling/Breeding/Veterinary experience Becky serves as a wellspring of technical advice for the Kehilan clients. Responsible for the advertising/PR for the farm including developing the distinctive Kehilan branding, On The Pyramid Society Board of Directors for 7 years serving in multiple positions, Becky is currently serving President of The Pyramid Society and Chair of the Competition Committee,  offering her contributions as a lifelong Straight Egyptian Breeder.  

Janice Bush


Joining Kehilan in 1993, Janice brings over 50 years experience with Arabian horses to our farm, including many years as the Farm Manager for the prestigious Somerset Farms - home to Ruminaja Bahjat and *Sultann.  With her arrival Janice brought many of the treasured broodstock of Somerset Farms and the result when mixed with the Kehilan horses has been nothing short of spectacular.  Our senior sire, Marquis I is a stunning example of such blending. Janice attends to a myriad of daily duties in running Kehilan smoothly.  Known for her expertise in all things pertaining to Egyptian Bloodstock and in particular Sales and Client support - Janice represents an honest assessment of horses. An astute agent representing the utmost integrity, she is an invaluable resource to our clients long after the purchase has been made.  

Jean and Herb Rogers

Jean and Herb Rogers

Truly the inspiration for the farm, Ida Jean Rogers came a long way from the young lady who gave up her party dress for a pair of riding boots.  With the support of her husband Herb, the two have played a very active role in Kehilan Arabians.  Jean was a fixture at the shows in the training years, progressing to the best public relations person at the Event with her radiant smile and welcoming personality.  Foaling was a special time for her, as she was present for the majority of foalings for decades and even in her 80's.  Her beloved mare - Star Bint Hafiza produced the influential Senior Sire of the farm - Makhnificent KA.  Jean knew this colt to be special from Day One as he nearly died at birth while she ran getting supplies and letting the vet into the farm.  No one was as elated as Jean when he survived and he held a special spot in her heart forever.  She believed in his destiny as a great stallion just as she believed we could all achieve our dream.  An active proponent of the line breeding that has brought the farm much success - Jean was an integral part in the breeding decisions.  Upon retirement Herb Rogers spent many years as a “Horse Show Dad”.  Proof you can never be “too late in the game”.  In charge of stall decorations for years at the Event and often seen setting up our booth in the early years (yes on the ladder in the heat despite protests from his daughters). Herb still helps keep the farm running from a maintenance standpoint and cheers the breeding program on from the sidelines.  Jean crossed that Rainbow Bridge in 2011 to meet Makhsous, *Sultann, Star Bint and so many other of her favorites.  Today her spirit will ALWAYS inspire her daughters and granddaughters and is found in every corner of her farm.   Herb at an amazing 96 still lives next door to the farm and takes an active role in management decisions and is CEO of Landscaping!  The ethics of Kehilan - honesty and integrity, hard work and inspiration are values the couple passed on and instilled in their daughters daily.  


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