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Sales January 2024

For more information on these horses including videos please call or text Janice at 817-821-7846 (mobile USA) or text or What's App Becky at 817-739-1628


Azizah Yaminah


KA Damascus x Maariah KA by Maariq KA

2017 Bay Straight Egyptian Mare

Kuhaylah Ajuz Rodan

Beautiful and elegant with a fancy attitude! 




Maariq KA  x Bahijah KA by Ruminaja Bahjat)

2013 Chestnut Straight Egyptian Mare

Hadban Enzahiyah

Impeccable pedigree, smooth body and beautiful eyes.  

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Ishmail KA


KA Damascus  x Isabella KA by Marquis I

2015 Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion

Saklawi Jidran Sudan 

Beautiful face and extreme movement and tail carriage!  Gorgeous show and breeding stallion.  LFS/CA/SCID clear

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